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All things : Coogee

This weekend I stayed home and had some time to explore Coogee! After a month in Coogee it really is starting to feel like home. If you are unfamiliar with Coogee, it is a small beachside suburb of New South Wales and it is part of the Eastern suburbs. I looked into the name “Coogee” and it is said that the word is derived from the Aboriginal word “koojah” which means smelly place. Some say this has to do with the seaweed but others say it is unrelated…now if you’re asking me Coogee is not a smelly place. The area is perfect for families, people looking for a relaxed place to live, and swimmers! People often come to Coogee just to go swimming because of the pristine, calm, and safe water. Ive heard that some even call Coogee the pearl of the Australian coast, maybe you’ll just have to come see for yourself.

Some of the best things to do if you come to visit Coogee (p.s.your always welcome!) ….

  1. Coogee Pavillion. What a place. If you are looking for delicious food, cocktails, juices, coffee etc.. this is your place. Not only is the food amazing the atmosphere is great. On the first floor there are ping pong tables, an old school barbershop if you’re looking for a trim, a bar with its own menu, a brick oven for yummy pizzas, flowers for sale, aaand I could go on! The rooftop has four indoor and outdoor bars, its own Mediterranean menu, an amazing view of the coast, and a DJ. The rooftop is the place to be on Sunday’s.

  2.  Yoga at The Livingroom. I highly recommend taking a yoga class at this beautiful studio overlooking Coogee beach. In the mornings, you are doing sun salutations as the sun rises and glistens over Coogee beach, and at dusk you are watching the sun go down leaving a light pink blanket over the horizon. The classes are challenging, introspective, and inspiring. Namaste.

  3. The Courtyard. Brunch, Brunch, and Brunch. We love the courtyard because it is open-air, wooden benches, stools, pillows, tropical plants, nice people, and AMAZING food! The Acai bowls are out of this world!

  4. Dolphins Point. On the North end of Coogee beach is a grassy area that overlooks the coast, the Giles Baths (a natural rock pool), and is also the start of the Coogee-Bondi Coastal Walk (a must do!) Dolphin point is the perfect place to lay down a blanket and have a picnic, do some yoga, or read. It is especially beautiful at sunset.

  5. Black Boho A café, but also a cute clothing store, but also an interior design store, okay so Black Boho is the perfect little place for a snack, a coffee, a dress, a pillow, a journal, a book, or simply some inspiration!! There are tables outside and inside, why not grab a homemade slice of banana bread after yoga and chat with some nice aussie locals 🙂

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