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All things spring.

Hey there. Its been a while. Ive been hibernating but now that the weather in VT is finally getting warm (Yes it is April 11th) I am ready to write. Everyone is always asking how I survive the winter in VT and how it must be awful but seriously its all about making lemonade up here and of course good things come to those who wait. Last Sunday it was 60 and sunny and in Vermont that means bathing suits and t-shirts. Its funny that its the beginning of spring but seriously we only have about a month of school left. I am all about finishing the semester well. I am here to let you know about the top 5 things you can do to make your spring the absolute best. “Spring cleaning” is this concept that really no one wants to think about. Its cliché and its annoying cause what does it actually mean? When I think about spring cleaning I always think about a family cleaning out their garage and doing a yard sale. Well thats one way to look at it. Then there is the spring cleaning of our minds, bodies, closets, mindsets, relationships etc… To me spring cleaning is actually whatever really needs a closer look in your life and having fun while doing the cleaning. Here are the top five things I will be doing for my spring cleaning, feel free to join me!

  1. Living in the present moment. I find that this is always on my lists in every season and that is because it is difficult. What is holding you back from just enjoying every moment presented to you? Future and past thinking pulls us away from truly living every moment to the fullest. I am committing myself to a few hours a day of living in the moment and not thinking about the past or future. Think: running outside, drawing, listening to music, writing, listening.

  2. Getting rid of clothes that I never ever wear. You know there is that one piece of clothing that you bring everywhere with you, on trips and back and forth to school and you never wear? DONATE IT.

  3. Listening to my body. Spring is all about evaluating where you are. What happened in the winter that is unresolved? Think: skin care regimes, exercise plans, nutrition.

  4. Finding time to do hobbies and discovering new ones. Hobbies are often something that people think are a side-item. “If I have time in 5 years after I finish making a ton of money and get married I will take up singing again”. NO. Hobbies are a now thing. This spring I am going to draw, write, take photographs and find some new things that I love doing! What is one hobby that you miss? (Could be one that you have not done in years!)

  5. Reaching out to friends- new and old. With all of the technology these days I always feel like I am connected to all of my friends. Well the truth is, its an illusion. Just because you see a post on Facebook of your friend at a party does not mean you know whats actually going on in their life. Its spring and that means the weather is nice. Walk outside and call a friend even if you have not talked to them in a while. Ask a friend to do something outside with you. OR since the weather is nice and flights are not delayed, get on a plane and go see a friend.

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