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Byron Bay

It has been almost a full month since I landed in Sydney Australia. Exploring the city and its beautiful suburbs (Surry Hills, Paddington, Bondi, Newtown, and Coogee) between classes and on the weekends has opened my eyes to the true magic of Sydney. Since arriving in Sydney, myself along with new friends have traveled to Fiji (Nadi) and Byron Bay. Although it is difficult to leave Sydney because we are far from exploring all of it, these weekend trips have been incredible!

Byron Bay, a picturesque place for surfers, backpackers, adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts! If you are looking for a laid back place to catch some waves alongside dolphins, kayak on the open ocean, skydive, or check out the most Eastern point in Australia at sunrise- this is your place! We stayed at the Bay Beach Motel, conveniently located right in the town and by the beach. Our first day in Byron Bay we took a bus called Happy Coach to Nimbin. Our driver was an eclectic women with a top hat and tutu named Princess Fiona (Clearly the princess of Byron Bay and Nimbin). Nimbin was unlike any place I had ever been. The town completely stuck in the 70’s offers one street lined with little shops selling everything from magic, Bob Marley inspired clothing and trinkets. Don’t be alarmed if the locals ask you if you are looking for weed- like I said, true hippy town.

Our favorite activities in Byron Bay included kayaking with the dolphins  and waking up at 5:30 am to walk along the coast to Cape Byron, the eastern most point of the mainland of Australia. Make sure to get up before the sun rises and your in for a beautiful surprise! The photograph featured on this post was taken at sunrise. Check out @breathinthatsweetair on Instagram to see what I captioned this photograph!

We did not go hungry in Byron Bay. Some of our favorite places… Dip for brunch, Love Byron Bay, for some yummy crepes, BlendCo, for smoothies, and Byron Fresh for dinner!

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