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Paradise Cove

Greetings from Marina Del Rey! The warm sunrise peeped through the window making the morning wake up a pleasant one. Outside was mostly quiet except for a few barking dogs and the hum of early morning commutes. Next move, find the best nearby smoothie shop. Luckily this was not difficult because Juice Crafters is seconds from the apartment. I am quickly learning that LA is a hub for organic foods and nutritious choices! The Acai bowls are amazing but be warned… they are massive! In the afternoon we ventured on the Pacific Highway into Malibu. In Malibu, we first stopped at Paradise Cove, to lay underneath the warm sun. Paradise Cove is beautiful; however, not the ideal spot if you are looking for a quiet getaway. The pier offers a scenic view of the golden coast, while lounge chairs provide comfort for those willing to pay. We sat in a bit of LA’s typical bumper-to-bumper traffic, but the coastal view made the wait not so bad. Amidst the journey, we pealed off into the Topanga Canyon. Hippy galore! If you are looking for an escape from the buzz of big city LA, Topanga is the place to be. It is home to not only the most beautiful hikes LA has to offer but also a rich culture enlivened by a pure background of art and music.

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