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Hi I’m Caroline Muggia,

Welcome to your journey to an aligned life. Before we dive into all the ways you're about to transform your health and happiness, I'd love to tell you a little bit about how I got here. Growing up I was exposed to spirituality through my mom who was passionate about Reiki, meditation, and a connection to something greater. I found solace in these practices and my commitment to spirituality morphed and eventually blossomed into a way of being. During my teens I had no idea how important these lessons would be until I reached the spring of 2017 when I found myself with debilitating pain in my feet. It was difficult to walk even a few feet as the burning, stinging, and redness was too intense. I was told by doctors I may have an incurable chronic pain condition, Rheumatoid arthritis, or nerve damage. After months of doctor's visits, I was told there was no diagnosis and I would suffer my entire life with this unexplained pain. I was heart broken for a time period at a loss thinking about my dreams of running a marathon, teaching yoga, and pursuing my dreams. As the worry and stress grew, so did my commitment to my yoga and meditation practice, an anti-inflammatory diet, and a belief in a higher power (which I now know as my spiritual self). Months later I was diagnosed 3 different strains of Lymes disease and a condition called Erythromelalgia. Working with a Western doctor, alternative doctor, and energetic healers, combined with a commitment to my spiritual practices,10 months later I found my condition in my feet improving. While I did take a heavy course of antibiotics, I am confident my healing came from inside. During those grueling months that left me shattered at times, I found parts of me that I never knew existed. Some incredibly painful to look at and others a welcome home. In telling you all of this, I smile at the thought of supporting each one of you in discovering your spiritual self, your essence. Underneath our makeup, facial expressions, clothing, thoughts, limitations, false beliefs, and bodies, there is a source of light that embodies who we truly are without all of that. It's within all of us and has the power to help us heal ailments, emotional burdens, and move us towards a life we love. No matter where you are whether that's at the peak of your health and happiness or at the lowest of lows, your spiritual self is waiting for you to embrace it. Are you ready to live aligned with your true self? If something inside of you says yes, "there's something more," it's the right time for you to begin. I'm honored to be a part of your journey and cannot wait to meet you right where you are. 

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