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Post Coyo yogurt bowl breakfast and late for uni…perfect time to snap a picture and write a post about Aussie style!! Whenever I explore a new place I try to take in the different styles because I think it says a lot about people. Since being in Australia I have noticed some cool trends with interesting stories as to why they exist and here they are!

  1. Jean jackets and ripped jeans are a go-to. pictured left: moms jean jacket from college that she let me bring here, love it.

  2. Unexpected but people here love wearing ALL black…keepin it simple!

  3. Top knots half-down!!!! (finally get to wear my favorite hair style, pictured left)

  4. Rock Sneakers. They add edge to every style and they are so comfortable! pictured: Kenneth Cole white sneakers

  5. Leggings, everyday. (maybe this is just me)

  6. Bomber jackets (still have yet to get one) Some Australian locals say the trend was inspired by American old school football jackets… so interesting!

  7. Leather jackets, I have never seen so many leather jackets.

  8. People love wearing New York Yankees baseball caps. Initially we were very confused by this until we asked some locals and apparently it is a fashion statement here! Who knew the Yankees had so many fans in Australia?

  9. Stores people love – General Pants Co. (similar to Urban outfitters) – Top Shop (more expensive here than in the U.S.!) – Zara (everyone loves Zara)

  10. VINTAGE! People love wearing vintage clothing and it is not difficult to find some incredible vintage shops! Surry Hills is the place to go for vintage clothing.

  11. Surfer towns such as Byron Bay have the coolest shops! Many of the shops are local designers so it is really an experience. You’ll find bohemian inspired clothing, leather bags, jackets, surfboards:), bathing suits, and much more! Byron Bay has been one of my favorite places to shop so far.

  12. Bottom line – style is way more simple, boho, relaxed, and beachy down unda! My heaven.

more to come as I explore the streets of Sydney and beyond!

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