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Wolgan Valley

All smiles when the family arrives in Sydney! Even while fighting jet lag there has not been a dull moment. The first full day in Sydney with the crew included yoga on Manly beach and surf lessons! Manly was the perfect place to surf if you are new to the sport or just beginning. Waves break far out and there are different areas for whatever your skill level! We were extremely lucky to run into Layne Beachley 7 time world champion surfer, one of the first women to become a world champion and guess where it all started Manly beach!! We also explored the Northern Beaches (Freshie, Shelley, Coloroi) they just get more and more beautiful as you get farther North! Luckily we did not have any trouble finding unique and beautiful spots thanks to Alex and Jamie with LocalEyes who drove us to all their favorite spots in Sydney! If your looking to see Sydney through the eyes of locals these are the people to contact.

Thursday morning we packed up our bags and took a helicopter to the blue mountains- Wolgan Valley where we learned about the Aboriginal culture from Uncle Paul. The beautiful stone carvings, aboriginal dances, and rich stories helped us to further understand this incredible culture and the power of relationships and stories. The land truly is the land of the Aboriginal people. We learned that “Nothing is not kin, the rocks, bird, fish are all part of the aboriginal family”. We also learned that in the culture there is a responsibility to give. Giving manifests through giving and not asking for anything in return because in the end someone will give to you as well. The term for this cycle is Napati napati.

We stayed two nights at the One and Only in Wolgan Valley. An absolutely stunning property with over 4,000 acres of protected wilderness trails. Kangaroos, wombats, and horses roamed freely. If you are looking for a peaceful getaway, crisp clear air, beautiful scenery, and outdoor activities this is your place! Next off to the Whitsunday islands…

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